PTM Edge announces HD Mirror and Bracket PRO combo pack

PTM Edge
September 27, 2013
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(Oak Ridge, TN) – PTM Edge announces the perfect gift for your special boater –  the HD panoramic mirror AND carbon fiber bracket for as little as $199. Packaged together in one box, the new Pro Combo pack includes either a 100° HD panoramic mirror or the mac-daddy 140° mirror (your choice) together with the CFR carbon fiber windshield bracket.

The new CFR-200 carbon fiber composite, universal windshield mirror bracket is combined with the new standard in rear view mirrors – the PTM Edge prescription grade, HD panoramic mirror.  The new CFR-200 clamping mirror bracket is manufactured with carbon fiber composite material, providing greater tensile strength than aluminum and rigid performance. The bracket easily "locks" into place, preventing the bracket from loosening or falling down during operation. The PRO Combo installs in minutes with 1/4" allen wrench. A complete 2 minute installation video can be seen at

PTMEdge/Protomet  director of marketing, Chris Nicely, said, “Performance and price have come together to provide the boater 360 degree control on their boating experience, at a price everyone can afford.” The unique locking system and rapidly installing Clamp4rce® clamshell mount allow the boat owner to lock the mirror in place when in use or easily retract the mirror below the windshield for covering, storage or transportation.

The Pro Combo 100 includes the CFR bracket and 100° HD panoramic mirror, and retails for $199.90 MSRP for (sku#PCC-100). The PRO Combo 140 includes the CFR bracket with the 140° mirror for just $299.90 MSRP (sku#PCC-140).

Pontoon owner? – no problem. Check out the PXR100 PRO Combo with the Clamp4rce® rail mounting system and 100° HD panoramic mirror for only $299.95.

PTM Edge View4rce VR HD mirrors, the ZXR billet brackets, PXR pontoon mirror systems and the new PRO Combo’s are available at your local pro shop, boat dealer, marina or online at


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