Carolina Skiff, LLC named America’s number-one fiberglass boat builder

Carolina Skiff, LLC
April 23, 2013
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Waycross, GA (April 22, 2013) Carolina Skiff, LLC is pleased to announce that it has become the nation’s number-one fiberglass boat builder. This esteemed accomplishment is based on new boat state registrations compiled by Statistical Surveys, Inc. for the year ending December 31, 2012.

Holding the industry’s top spot in fiberglass boat sales in the saltwater, fiberglass, outboard-powered category since 1997, Carolina Skiff is now the number-one fiberglass boat builder in America, covering all fiberglass boat types (freshwater and saltwater), inboard or outboard propulsion in lengths 14 feet and up.

“It is an honor to become America’s number-one fiberglass boat builder,” states Joe Kirkland, CEO/president of Carolina Skiff, LLC. “Carolina Skiff owners recognize that our boats possess the best combination of quality, features and affordability in the industry. Carolina Skiffs are the right boat for the right times.”

And, Carolina Skiff’s retail partners share Kirkland’s enthusiasm.

“Having been a Carolina Skiff Dealer since 2008, I can honestly say that, quite simply, Carolina Skiff gets it,” remarks Dean Messina of Jarvis Marine in Tuckerton, New Jersey. “Year after year, the Carolina Skiff team produces innovative boats that fit real-world consumer needs. As importantly, they go the extra mile to support us in a number of ways to ensure that our customers are happy—and that we’re able to maximize our bottom-line profitability.”

“Carolina Skiff is, without question, the number-one volume leader at our dealership,” notes Chris Martin, general manager of Chatlee Marine in Sanford, North Carolina. “The boats look and perform better than they ever have, and offer a value that’s second to none in the industry.”

“Grass Shack at Lake Lanier has been a Carolina Skiff dealer for 11 plus years, and their boats have always been great sellers for us here in Georgia,” states Michael Prince, Jr., general manager. “Carolina Skiff has come so far in the last several years, namely in continuing to refine and update models that already sell so well. Couple their innovation with the willingness to listen to dealer and customer input, and it’s no surprise that Carolina Skiff is the number-one boat brand on the market today.”

“As the cost of boats—and boating—continues to increase, it’s refreshing to see Carolina Skiff hold their ground on pricing,” comments Brad Lawson, general Mmnager and co-owner of Jacksonville, Florida-based Dell Marine. “Mr. Kirkland and his team’s commitment to continually adding consumer comforts and improving performance has helped solidify Carolina Skiff as the industry’s premier manufacturer of affordable family boats. As a full-line dealer of Carolina Skiff, Ultra, Sea Chaser and Fun Chaser boats, Dell Marine looks forward to growing our partnership in the years to come.”



4 Responses to “Carolina Skiff, LLC named America’s number-one fiberglass boat builder”

  1. alex on May 6th, 2013 10:03 pm

    aside from my original garvey, my carolina skiff is the best shellfish/workboat I a have ever owned


  2. Greg Thomas on September 30th, 2013 5:24 am

    Unfortunately Carolina Skiff should not have entered the pontoon boat market. Their line of "skiffs" have a terrific reputation but "FunChaser" line leaves a lot to be desired. We have experienced problems since picking up boat. The manufacturer is basically "recalling" this model and bringing boats back to GA to address issues. Unfortunately because of the on-going issues I have lost trust.......I would love to have Carolina Skiff replace my boat with another one of their models (comparable cost).


    Don Worrell Reply:

    Interestingly, this is the first comment I have found online about the problems with the Funchaser. When my boat was returned to the dealer from the recall, they didn't even tell him what they had fixed. They finally told me that it was drainage and the bilge pump, a fuel filler problem and bowing of the seat backer boards. Subsequently I have heard of problem with lights coming on when the switches get wet and cracks in the hull, neither of which has happened to me, yet. I am also have performance issues. At the Atlantic City boat show the display had a 90hp Evinrude, but the carolina Skiff representative suggested I get the larger 115 hp. Well that has allowed me to get up to a whopping top speed of 18 mph at full throttle, and 10 mph at a fuel efficient 4500 rpm. My dealer has switched out a number motors for 135 or 150 hp motors, but of course at substantial extra cost. I'd be interested in hearing more of your experience.


  3. Harry Cottrill on October 8th, 2013 6:27 am

    Not only are they the #1 boat builder in America, you can go to and get unbiased feedback from over 12,000 members that show why Carolina Skiff is ranked #1


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