IMCI builds upon current customer base, announces new price structure for 2013

International Marine Certification Institute
March 14, 2013
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The International Marine Certification Institute continues to build upon a solid customer baseEven in these stormy economic times, the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI) has been able to continuously build upon a solid customer base.

Since the end of 2012, IMCI subscribed more than 2400 customers, of which 1422 are boat manufacturer.

These figures are not only a solid foundation, but signify customer confidence. Even sailing through troubled waters loyalty is an enviable characteristic. Worldwide, customers from 72 countries benefit from this type of loyalty. A vital “IMCI principle” being to offer local inspectors who understands the needs and concerns of their customers.

The numbers of certified boats and components currently provide a "match race" for IMCI at the highest level. Thus at present 8343 components and 8247 boats are certified by IMCI. Here, however, it is not just about quantity. With consistently high quality in the harshest conditions, customer service is a crucial factor. For among the rapidly growing time pressure and constantly enhanced service offerings, neither the quality nor the impartiality of a certification is allowed to suffer.

So even in black and white these figures speak for themselves. At the end, this counts not only on paper but also on the market, and not least on the water.

On Course for 2013! - New IMCI Price Structure for Certifications and ServicesSince January 2013 the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI) has restructured its price list, thus making further advances to the requirements and demands of the market. Customers can basically benefit from stable prices since 2011 as there is no general increase in prices again. In fact graduations have been added based on influences of the hull length (Lh) and particular design category (A, B, C and D). For the module Aa, for instance, the price list already indicates the possible combinations of hull length and category that are diverted from the requirements of the Directive, including respective graduation of prices.

A graduation of the certification fee related to the length has also been indicated for the modules B and G. Independent of the favoured category, there are four price brackets for hull lengths between 2,5m and 24m. Due to the recent experiences and developments such a graduation is necessary and just makes sense. Though on smaller boats, the compliance is verified with the same standards, an increasing project expense can be observed for larger yachts, which make sense due to the system complexity and increased numbers of components on board. The increased expense is not only related to inspection and documentation, but also to administrative activities at the head office.

The approach, dependent on the effort involved, is eventually reflected in the length- independent prices for module F, the IIIA Declaration and further certificates, as same fees arise for the same expense.

An even stronger differentiation has been performed within the range of Post-Construction- Assessment (PCA) for used craft as practice has shown an appropriate necessity, especially in the end user oriented area. On the one hand, there is an enormous price war in this segment, partially even calling the limits of seriousness into question; on the other hand, a mixed calculation is simply unacceptable for the end user. The pricing itself not only accommodates length and design category, but also the boat type in terms of drive and deck design as well.

The latter especially assumes a role for evaluation of the stability. As for a PCA, often only incomplete or sometimes no documents at all are provided that can be compared to the documentation of a manufacturer, appropriate tests, calculations or research are required in order to ensure the compliance with the Directive. This especially applies to categories A and B, which is reflected by a length related extra charge.

Also prices of further IMCI services mainly remain unchanged thus complying with the economic situation and the trade-specific state of the market.

In any case, IMCI customers will benefit from the 2013 price list, enabling them to classify themselves and their product considerably better and more differentiated from the others and potentially even will save money.

With this “course correction“ the International Marine Certification Institute makes again advances with its customers. Thus, course 2013 steers toward a successful journey as we approach the new season.

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