Shurhold partners with Brownie’s Marine

Shurhold Industries
March 4, 2013
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Marine cleaning and maintenance expert, Shurhold Industries, has endorsed Brownie's Marine Group as its official bottom cleaning partner while the boat is in the water. Brownie's unique surface supplied air system makes it easy to work both below the waterline and even at the water's surface.

"Unlike a snorkel, Brownie's system has a constant stream of air with no chance of water getting in," said Barry Berhoff, Shurhold president. "Also, it's better than SCUBA as there are no cumbersome tanks. Plus, with the 40-90' hoses kits, you have the added advantage of using the same unit for recreational diving reefs or for lobster."

Brownie's Marine Group makes diving easy and consists of Tankfill, Brownie's Third Lung, Public Safety and the very latest edition BIAS. It has everything for Hookah diving, scuba diving, submarines, compressors, yacht installations, exploration, conservation, and ocean, springs, lake and public safety diving.


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