Moeller Marine warns manufacturers about fuel tank non-compliance


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November 29, 2011
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SPARTA, Tenn. - Moeller Marine is advising boating manufacturers to make sure their fuel tanks are compatible with new EPA and California state regulations by Jan. 1 or face risks that include being unable to deliver new boats after the 2012 deadlines.

"The major changes to fuel systems center around reducing the permeability of the fuel tank, eliminating open tank venting, and reducing the potential for spillage during refueling," Moeller Marine Director of Operations Gary Eich said in a release.

Elch said in the release that he believes that the two important dates for manufacturers to look out for would be the Jan. 1 deadline for barrier conversion and the July 1 deadline for conversions to diurnal systems. He warns that if fuel systems are not compliant after these dates, manufacturers may not be able to deliver new boats.

Converting current fuel systems takes time.

"A tip study must be done, some system design is the norm, and hardware must be selected," Earnie Cook, director of product development for Moeller, said in a release. "From a tank design perspective, conversion requires the addition of a few ports in the tank for required hardware or the addition of barrier materials."

Moeller warns manufacturers that additional tests beyond the initial steps can set back adoption of a new system, including design review, obtaining information from the system integrator, drawing preparation and approval, tooling revisions and generating a prototype piece.

"The normal cycle for this type of conversion is four to eight weeks, depending on your fuel system integrator and their current workload," said George Moore of Moeller in the release.

Both OEM and aftermarket companies need to be up to speed on the new legislation, which applies to both portable gas tanks and permanently installed tanks, according to Moeller.


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