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The 2015 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo will be November 15 - 18 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

What is the MDCE and who attends?
The Marine Dealer Conference & Expo is an annual convention for marine dealers and the industry suppliers who support them. The conference is focused on an educational component that seeks to provide dealers with best practices, expert advice and solutions for running a stronger business. Similarly, the expo is focused on providing dealers with business solutions through the display of products and services that can help dealerships achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Who’s running this show, anyway?
The Marine Dealer Conference & Expo is a collaborative effort between Boating Industry magazine and the Marine Retailers Association of America. The partners worked together on the 2008 event, replacing the name (MRAA Annual Convention) with the MDCE title. Boating Industry then took over the creation and production of the annual event by way of a five-year licensing agreement prior to the 2009 event. The MRAA Convention Committee provides direction, feedback and advice, while Boating Industry generates the content, secures the speakers, creates the sales packages, sells the sponsorships and exhibits and ultimately is responsible for the production of the event.

How is the MDCE realizing such incredible growth in a down market?
The MDCE’s growth is attributable to a number of factors. First of all, the dealer body itself, in the midst of perhaps the worst downturn the market has ever seen, needs answers. It needed answers on how to survive, where to find lending, how to combat economic conditions and more. The MDCE is the only national convention where marine dealers can get those answers from a wide variety of sources — including their peers. Second, the collaborative effort between the MRAA and Boating Industry is resulting in a marketing campaign the likes of which the event has never seen. With print and online marketing efforts, event information is easily communicated throughout the industry from a trustworthy source. Third, and along the same lines, a dedicated sales effort, where updates are communicated regularly to the supplier community, are helping to grow support for the dealers who would attend.

How is the Top 100 Dealers Program connected to the MDCE? 
Now in its 10th year, Boating Industry’s Top 100 Dealers Program was originally aligned with what was formerly known as the MRAA Annual Convention to help promote the advancement of dealer excellence within the only marine dealer association. It was Boating Industry magazine’s belief that by hosting the Top 100 Gala on the final evening of the MRAA Convention, now the MDCE, that we could help drive the improvement of the dealer body. Still, however, the two events are separate from one another in a number of ways. While industry suppliers can sponsor both events, sponsorships are separate programs. Attendance at the Top 100 is also an exclusive opportunity. Only the dealers who are selected to the Top 100 and the Leadership Alliance sponsors of the program are allowed access. The event is structured this way to provide more value for sponsors and more prestige for this group of dealers. In 2008, the Top 100 Gala was opened to all dealers who attended the MDCE.

How do I reserve exhibit space or explore sponsoring the MDCE?
This year’s expo hall is more than 100,000 square feet, and with the growth of the event, there are more sponsorship opportunities than ever before. To showcase your product in front of this one-of-a-kind, industry-leading audience, or to gain maximum exposure through a sponsorship, please email Kathy Johnson or call her at 480-988-3658.

More questions? Email Liz Walz or call her at 315-692-4533.

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