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Dominion Marine Media launches DX1 at MDCE

Dominion Marine Media, the division of Dominion Enterprises that operates YachtWorld, BoatTrader.com and boats.com, launched DX1 — a new business management solution developed for dealerships — at the Marine Dealer Conference and Expo in Orlando, Fla.

Gathering a crowd of interested dealers, conference exhibitors and the assembled marine media, Ian Atkins, senior vice president and general manager of Dominion Marine Media welcomed the crowd and set the stage for the company’s most significant product introduction in recent years.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to DX1 and the requests by U.S. dealers to become early adopters,” Atkins said in advance of the event. “More than 100 trials of DX1 will be taking place at the MDCE event, demonstrating the need for a product like this in the sector. We’d like to thank all those involved in its development, including our marine dealer partners who worked with us to create this end-to-end business management solution. ”

Atkins continued, “We’ve developed DX1 to be best in class and to help marine dealers across the industry be more successful. We believe it will have a significant positive impact on the sector, and it is a major step forward in the way dealers can run their businesses. Much of today’s software still requires dealers to perform redundant tasks across other data sources, business functions and products. Solving these problems was the inspiration behind DX1.”


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