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Discover Boating offers dealer tools


(This story is a sidebar within the feature story The Affordability Challenge.)

Addressing affordability and the perception of boating as an expensive activity are major goals for the Discover Boating campaign.

Discover Boating tackles the issue from two perspectives – price and value. From a dollars and cents standpoint, Discover Boating offers several tools. Those include a loan calculator to help show the low monthly payments available on boats and a cost comparison tool that compares the cost of boating to other activities, such as golfing or going to a sporting event. Dealers can load most of those tools, promotional videos and other marketing items on to their websites. (Go to growboating.org for more information.)

“One of the ways we approach the value of boating is just showing memories,” says Carl Blackwell, president of Grow Boating Inc. “You show those memories being made. That right there says there’s a value in boating, that it brings people together.”


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