Video: Mercury rolls out new outboards, new approach to sterndrives


By Jonathan Sweet
June 24, 2014

Delivering on the long-rumored news that it would be moving away from auto engines and building its own blocks, Mercury debuted its new engines for 2015 last week. The new Mercury MerCruiser 4.5L, V6, 250 hp sterndrive is being manufactured at Mercury’s world headquarters in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin,... Read more »

Minneapolis Boat Show: What are you excited about in 2014?

Nicholas Upton
February 4, 2014

We took a trip to the Minneapolis Boat Show to ask dealers what they were excited about in 2014. New offerings from Scarab Jet Boats, Mastercraft's affordable NXT and a slew of new pontoon options were on everyone's mind. What are you excited about going into the new year? Let us know below!

Social Media Video Tip: Using Facebook ads to grow your Facebook page

Josh Chiles, Engaged!
October 15, 2013

We’re taking a little bit of a different approach with this week’s Social Media Video Tip. We’ve heard from many of you that you’re hands-on learners. So instead of telling you about social media, we’re going to show you. This special “screencast” is longer than our regular videos, but... Read more »

Social Media Video Tip: 7 ways to use Pinterest to drive traffic

By Josh Chiles, Engaged!
August 20, 2013

There is a misconception that Pinterest is a site devoted to food, cooking, and pictures of remodeling projects. Pinterest is actually becoming a method many business owners and social media marketers are using to drive traffic. With the right skills and methods, you can use Pinterest to drive traffic... Read more »

Social Media Video Tip: 10 proven benefits of using social media to grow your business

Josh Chiles, Engaged!
August 6, 2013

A new survey from Social Media Examiner reports 89 percent of small and medium-sized businesses report increased exposure and 75 percent report increased traffic as the top two greatest benefits of social media. But most businesses are still new to using social media with 55 percent using social media... Read more »

Social Media Video Tip: 7 Tips for Creating a Social Media Strategy

By Josh Chiles, Engaged!
July 16, 2013

To have any kind of success, you need to market to your customers. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all of the other social media sites, your customers are online. If you don’t have a social media marketing strategy, you won’t be able to reach them – you’re fishing without bait. Here... Read more »

Social Media Video Tip: How to use hashtags in your social media

Josh Chiles, Engaged!
July 2, 2013

Over the last couple of weeks, you’ve most likely noticed hashtags in your Facebook News Feed. That’s because in mid-June, Facebook officially flipped the switch and brought hashtags to life. Now hashtags are nothing new, as a matter of fact, hashtags got their start organically by Twitter users... Read more »

Social Media Video Tip: How to create a great Vine video clip

Josh Chiles, Engaged!
June 20, 2013

Have you heard of Vine? The app is just over 100 days old, and it’s very popular. In fact, five Vine clips are shared on Twitter every second. Further, branded Vines are four times more likely to be shared than branded online videos. Talk about effective for businesses! We like Vines not only because... Read more »

Social Media Video Tip: Social media demographics – who’s online?

Josh Chiles, Engaged!
May 31, 2013

A study by Pew Research outlines who’s on what social media channels – and you won’t believe the massive growth they’ve experienced, even in the last year. First, we’ll start with the least surprising finding: Facebook is still the most-used social network, with two-thirds of online users identifying... Read more »

Social Media Video Tip: Be a better blogger

Josh Chiles, Engaged!
May 14, 2013

Does your business have a blog? You might think that if you sell a product rather than an idea or service, you don’t need to blog. After all, people can Google the product you sell to learn all they need to know. Right? Wrong. Blogging can and should be a great digital asset to your company no matter... Read more »

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