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March 2017

Ready your service department for seasonal launch

seasonal mending

Winterization is pivotal for proper boat care in a seasonal climate. Equally important is getting boats out of winterization and ensuring they run smoothly for customers the first time they are ready to finally hit the water. Right now it’s time to get your shop ready and stocked now so you can meet those boaters’ needs. “Wintertime is the hardest ...

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Saltwater fishing grows on strength of technological innovation, forward-thinking designs

Regulator 28 showing outboard power-610x300

America’s growing love affair with saltwater fishing boats continues to blossom, as more and more consumers take the plunge and purchase a new fiberglass center console, dual console, walkaround or convertible. Fueled by innovative features, substantially improved fuel economy and overall ease of maintenance, the saltwater fishing category remains one of the brightest stars in the recreational boating constellation, continuing ...

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Survey: Digital marketing tops the chart


Digital, events most useful marketing methods Digital marketing continues to be the go-to tactic for most companies in the boating industry. For the fourth year in a row, we surveyed the readers of our print and digital products about how they market their businesses. We surveyed dealers, service providers, manufacturers and others in January about how they marketed in 2016 ...

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Using data to improve your sales and marketing


Ask many small business owners in the marine industry how they study trends in their market and you’ll hear a similar answer. Whether it be dealers, manufacturers, marinas or others that touch the water, all too often the answer is some variation on “We talk to our customers” or “We’re on the lake every weekend.” While certainly important, anecdotal evidence ...

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At the helm: Make way for the connected spender


We often talk in the boating industry about reaching the “middle class” — that nebulously defined average American. But the Demand Institute is suggesting a new way of looking at consumers — one that makes a lot of sense, especially in a category like boating that is not need-based. In “Introducing the Connected Spender: The Digital Consumer of the Future,” ...

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Utilizing service department metrics for maximum profit


If you don’t see your service department as a profit center, it may be time to revisit the numbers. For many dealers, a service department provides a vital source of income during economic downturns – particularly this last one – by selling repowers, routine maintenance and more for existing customers who aren’t ready to upgrade their old boat just yet. ...

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Brand building vs. results marketing


Do you spend money on advertising? Or, do you invest money in advertising? What’s the difference you say? In my book, “Marine Marketing Strategies,” I give the example of “brand building” versus what I call “results marketing.” The goal of traditional, image or brand building ads is to “get your name out there” and be “top of mind.” The idea ...

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2017 boot Düsseldorf draws 242,000 from 70 countries

Zur boot 2017 werden sich mehr als 1.800 Aussteller aus 70 Ländern auf 220.000 Quadratmetern präsentieren. Alle 17 Messehallen sind belegt und bieten ein komplettes Abbild des Weltmarktes für den Wassersport. Michelidakis: „Die ausstellenden Unternehmen richten ihre Messebudgets speziell auf Düsseldorf aus, um sich bei uns in voller Pracht präsentieren zu können. Die boot ist die weltweit größte Boots-Präsentation: Rund 1.800 Boote werden hier in Düsseldorf zu sehen sein.“ Deutlich mehr als die Hälfte der Aussteller kommen inzwischen aus dem europäischen Ausland und aus Übersee. Führend sind dabei die großen Wassersportnationen Niederlande, Italien, Frankreich und Großbritannien. E-Tickets für die boot Düsseldorf können zum günstigen Online-Preis von 17,00 Euro für die Tageskarte sowie 25,00 Euro für das Zwei-Tagesticket geordert werden. Wer es noch günstiger haben möchte (14,00 Euro Tageskarte und 23,00 Euro Zweitageskarte) und dazu noch einen Mehrwert an Informationen, den Zutritt zur boot.club-Lounge mit freiem WLAN auf der boot 2017 sowie spezielle Angebote und Gewinnspiele nutzen möchte, der muss sich einfach auf boot.club.de anmelden und kann direkt von diesen Vorteilen profitieren.

Water sports, environment big focus of show As Europe’s largest boat show, boot Düsseldorf helps to set the agenda for boat shows throughout the rest of the year. Organizers of the show said the 2017 edition ended up drawing 242,000 attendees to see the latest technology and products. “boot is in great shape. There was a vibrant atmosphere in all ...

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