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Tim Hennagir

A social media silver lining

The weather-related adage about a precious metal being tucked inside of a dark cloud came to mind recently while monitoring the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. For many Texas residents, social media offered a life-saving silver lining and means of connecting with a non-traditional navy composed of boat-loving rescuers. CNN Money’s Brian Stelter filed an outstanding online story about the impact ...

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Glastron founder created product positioning niche

Glastron Boat Co. founder Robert R. Hammond was no stranger to the idea of the using unique mass media approaches to promote a product line. Hammond’s passing early last month at age 88 in Austin, Texas, brought back plenty of memories of an industry icon. He will be recalled as an innovator in the recreational boating industry. Hammond became a ...

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Diving in with data

There’s nothing like a quarterly earnings call to pique a trade press editor’s morning interest. It’s my view a conference call filled with data and industry insights from one or more company leaders rivals the jump-start a really good cup of coffee provides, especially if the call in question is one of the first items of the day. Perhaps a ...

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