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Nicholas Upton

Shining a light on ‘dark social’

While working on a social media article for the February 2015 issue of Boating Industry I heard the same complaints from several people: We can’t track social media leads. That’s a major problem for the nascent field of social media marketing, without being able to track the ROI, businesses are basically dumping money and time into social media without any ...

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Get to work on your business resolutions

Now that the New Year’s hangover has worn off and we’re all getting used to writing 2015, it’s high time to get to work on those resolutions. Making a business resolution might seem redundant on top of business goals, budgets and other objectives. But having a resolution in mind can help you rethink routine business duties. If you don’t have ...

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Do we need to get on Tumblr?

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, as recipes were being pinned and re-pinned like mad and micro-bloggers re-blogged cat gifs through the night, something happened. Yep, it’s official; the new ephemeral darlings of social media royalty were dubbed.  Tumblr and Pinterest are now the fastest growing social media platforms out there. Active Tumblr users grew a staggering 120% in the last six ...

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Could one of your employees slack off for 14 years?

How much are your workers actually working? Everybody knows there is downtime here and there when employees kick back with some coffee and do a little shopping or a little reading. That’s not a bad thing by any means. It’s healthy and efficient to take breaks, it ensures the mind is sharp and stress is low; not to mention, employees ...

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Getting social at MDCE (and any conference)

With the Marine Dealers Conference and Expo and the Top 100 awards just a few weeks away, we’re hip deep in planning all the logistics. As we’re pondering all the behind the scenes stuff, we’ve been thinking a lot from the perspective of the dealers, vendors and everyone else who comes to the show. One thing that I always see ...

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Creating your own newsroom

I’ve been keeping an eye on what comes out of the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit and all the new marketing tactics people are using and their predictions for what’s next in marketing. One thing that really caught my eye is the rise of the internal organizational newsroom. This isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, far from it, just about any business owner ...

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Mercury shines at diamond anniversary dealer meeting

Walking out of Mercury Marine’s historic 75th anniversary dealer meeting, it was hard not to have a sense of connection to the company and dealers from around the world. Fred Kiekhaefer, John Pfeifer and Mark Schwabero put a sentiment of inclusion and Carl Kiekhaefer’s motto of hard work front and center – there was even a team-building drum circle. That ...

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My summer sailing adventure is winding down

I wrote about my sailing club earlier in the year, and as the season winds down and the fall air rushes into Minnesota, I thought I’d share a couple things I learned during my time on the water. Firstly, the teacher makes all the difference. The way my club was set up allowed me to have various teachers helping me ...

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Follow potential customers with online ads

You’ve probably seen those ads that just seem to follow you from site to site. It can be a little annoying when I just searched for and purchased a coffee pot and all I see for the next three days are more coffee pots. It’s just awkward and poorly targeted, and someone is wasting money marketing something I already bought. ...

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