Scribble’s PureService offers solutions for marinas, boatyards

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September 12, 2013
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Scribble Software has launched PureService, a fully integrated solution for marinas and boatyards that need to process work orders.

The new software offers a seamless interface with all of Scribble’s other marina software solutions and utilizes the latest Windows platforms and .NET technology.

“For those marinas that have service shops or internal work orders, it provides everything from building or creating an estimate for a work order, putting an estimate into an actual work order, from beginning to end,” said Scribble’s Vance Young.

PureService is the result of years of research and development. It has been a much-requested product from Scribble’s thousands of users in 22 countries. PureService went through three versions before Scribble decided it was ready to go live.

“We recognize that the marina industry is quite broad and quite diverse,” Young said. “We wanted to provide a comprehensive solution to all profit centers that a marina may have.”

Scribble relied heavily on its customers for their feedback and input during the development process.

“We had customers that worked with us in the design process, in the build process, in the testing process, so we’re providing directly what marina owners and service yards are actually requesting: a simple-to-use product, seamless workflow, modern technology and a complete integration with the most frequently used accounting system,” Young said.

Like other Scribble products, PureService also completely integrates into the popular QuickBooks accounting software. Using the PureSync synchronization module, PureService syncs with QuickBooks in real time.

“The user’s just adding customers, creating a work order, adding a job on a work order and [the software] is constantly keeping everything in sync with the accounting system that’s running on the back end,” Young said.

What sets Scribble apart is that it doesn’t rely on third-party solutions to expand its portfolio. Instead, it develops all of its software products in-house. That gives its customers more peace of mind and one point of contact if any problems do develop down the road.

“When we provide our own solutions, we have a vested interest in providing our customers with the needs that they require from us,” Young said. “We can support it, provide the enhancements they need on demand, fix any issues on demand, instead of relying on another third-party company.”


For more information on PureService call (800) 972-7423


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