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Good indications

By By Tom Kaiser

It’s Top 100 time here at Boating Industry, as applications from the program are flying their way into our inboxes. Before beginning the arduous task of going through the applications with a fine-tooth comb, it’s a fun opportunity to touch base with everybody who applied last year.

Through phone calls and emails, we get to hear from owners and managers about how their season is going and what’s new at their businesses. It is very exciting to hear the enthusiasm in their voices when proudly telling about the success of a new product line, building addition, hire or marketing plan.

In a great sign for the overall health of the marine industry, the vast majority of these conversations have been extremely positive. We’ve heard about companies expanding their business by millions of dollars and countless plans that speak to the growing sophistication of our industry.

Trainers, consultants and dealer education events seem to be making a difference and, for a pleasant change, this added brainpower and tactic toolbox is coinciding with a healthy and growing economy.

Whether down south, up north, out east or in the far west, our one-on-one conversations are revealing an overall picture of health and growth. The economy isn’t perfect — it never is — and government hurdles remain on the horizon, but these are the good times people look forward to.

These good times shouldn’t suggest ditching entry-level brands in favor of selling exclusively high-dollar boats, but rather that this is the time to expand on all possible fronts.

Need help to get where you want to go? Whether it’s in the pages of Boating Industry, from one of the industry’s many software providers or data experts, or from the help of an in-person trainer, help is available around every corner. Do what you need to do to capitalize on the moment.

From what I’m seeing and hearing, 2014 will be positive, but I’ll be most curious to see what we’re reading in 2015 about all the good things put in place during the current year. Things are looking rosy.

Keep up the good work!

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