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Follow potential customers with online ads

By By Nicholas Upton

You’ve probably seen those ads that just seem to follow you from site to site.

It can be a little annoying when I just searched for and purchased a coffee pot and all I see for the next three days are more coffee pots. It’s just awkward and poorly targeted, and someone is wasting money marketing something I already bought.

These ads, however, can be a great instrument for a business to keep their brand in mind of prospective boat buyers.

I’ll leave the technical jargon to the ad traffickers, but here’s a hypothetical example to illustrate what I’m talking about.

Let’s say someone sees news of the hot new boat from BrandX, they might click on an article or go searching for some new pictures. Now, that boating enthusiast will then have cookies related to BrandX and the new model in their browser cache.

So a smart company will be pushing out some ads targeted very precisely toward that new boat. Instead of a pricy bidding war on keywords like “boating” or “new boats” that company can target just their new model, “BrandX WaveMaker 400.”

Instead of a coffee pot they already bought following them around, that prospective boat, equipment or wakeboard buyer will be served relevant ads for something they’re still thinking about -- what online ads should actually be doing.

Experimenting with everything is quite important, so that smart company would emphasize that new boat, but also the brand. If even the new offering doesn’t pique the reader’s interest, they’ll still be seeing and thinking of something from BrandX.

Timing these ads to coincide with news is an extremely efficient and cost-effective addition to a standard web-marketing plan. Once the news cycle buries that new boat, the ad will slow down but continue targeting folks looking into that hypothetical WaveMaker 400.

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