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Be heard on ethanol

By By Jonathan Sweet

Time is running short if you want to register your opinions on the changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard that will reduce the ethanol requirement.

Last fall, the Environmental Protection Agency announced its plans to cut the amount of ethanol required to be blended into the nation’s fuel supply.

It was a victory for the marine industry, which has long lobbied for less ethanol due to concerns about the damage caused to marine engines by 15 percent ethanol blends (E-15).

As required by federal law, the EPA has opened the proposal to public comments. Those final comments are due this coming Tuesday, January 28. It’s important to make sure the voices of the marine industry are heard, because you know the pro-ethanol lobby has organized its side.

Just yesterday, in fact, 22 senators sent a letter to the EPA [PDF] arguing against the changes (h/t to MRAA for sharing).

The NMMA has created a site where you can easily submit your comments.  Share it with your colleagues and make sure the word gets to the EPA about the danger posed to the marine industry by E-15.


  1. This additive (Ethanol) is proven to be destructive to all internal combustion engines. The cost of this change in fuel formulation far out weighs any benefit that can be derived by it's use.

    I know for a fact that when I travel from the southwest to the midwest, the closer I get to the "corn belt" states the worse my MPG becomes.

    This entire movement towards ethanol does nothing more than line the pockets of corn growers and corporate giants like Archer-Daniels-Midland while the rest of the world suffers because of food shortages caused by diverting corn food production to ethanol production


  2. I would like to add my name to the list of those citizens opposed to ethanol in gasoline. I am a seasonal boater and the ethanol in my gas damaged my fuel lines last year, even though they were the type approved by the US Coast Guard and were supposed to be impervious to the ethanol damage. This ended up rendering one of my engines non-functional and was costly trouble shooting and repair by my mechanic. It turned out the ethanol damaged the inner lining of my fuel line & it collapsed on itself when there was a demand for fuel. I believe our focus should really be on other fuel conserving efforts while leaving the corn for eating!
    As an aside, I currently lease a 2012 Ford Escape which is the flex fuel version making it capable of running on gas or E-85 ethanol. I found that the ethanol is 15% less efficient that the gas, therefore causing me to burn 15% ethanol to go the same distance as gas. It seems to be counter productive to preserving the environment when you have to combust increased amounts of fuel when utilizing ethanol over gas!
    Thank you for your time in viewing this response.
    Todd Schafer


  3. Ethanol additive to gas is just another indication that our goverment in run by big business and not the people. I do not understand how anyone could make a decision to use a basic food product for gas other than money. Everyone knows that ethanol harms engines and does not add any benefit as it cost more to produce than you get from any enviroment saving. Our goverment needs to vote for what is right for the country and not what is finacially rewarding for them.


  4. End the ethanol hoax take it out of gas completely.


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