NMMA issues statement on government shutdown

Jonathan Sweet, Editor In Chief

By Jonathan Sweet, Editor-in-Chief
October 1, 2013
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With Congress unable to come to an agreement on funding government operations Monday, we’ve officially entered a government shutdown. The economic impact will depend on how long it lasts, but the effect on boating could be immediate, with national parks closing and other services affected.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association issued the following statement on the shutdown:

Unable to reach agreement to authorize spending for the federal government, gridlock in Congress has resulted in a complete government shutdown today. Under the Constitution, Congress must pass laws to spend money. With the federal fiscal year beginning October 1st, the government does not have the legal authority to spend money beyond today. Congress in the past weeks has attempted to pass a stopgap bill, known as a continuing resolution, to fund the government at current spending levels until a full budget is passed. The Republican-controlled House passed a CR last week that maintained spending levels while not providing funding for the Affordable Care Act. The Democratic Senate refuses to pass a spending bill that attacks the health care law. This stalemate over funding and the health care law has resulted in the current government shutdown.

It is unclear how long the shutdown will last, but the debate in Washington over fiscal spending has come to the brink. All non-essential government personnel will be furloughed and many government run services will be halted until the shutdown is resolved. This could have a substantial impact on the recreational boating community. All National Parks will be closed as a result of the shutdown. Impacts for Army Corps of Engineer managed lakes will likely prevent boater access. Regulatory work effecting recreational boating at agencies including the Department of Interior, EPA, and NOAA will be halted.

It is unknown how long the government shutdown will last and the overall implications. The NMMA government relations team will continue to monitor the shutdown in DC and its impact on the boating community. For questions, contact Jeff Gabriel at jgabriel@nmma.org or Nicole Vasilaros at nvasilaros@nmma.org.


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