Social Media Monday: Answering your questions

Jonathan Sweet, Editor In Chief

Jonathan Sweet, Editor-in-Chief
April 8, 2013
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Welcome to the first Social Media Monday blog. One thing we’ve learned from our recent digital marketing webinars is that you all have a lot of interest in – and a lot of questions about – social media.

In this new weekly blog, we’ll be answering some of those questions you’ve been sending us. Got more questions? You can submit them to me at and we’ll try to get them answered for you.

So on with the show …

Would it be better to have no Facebook page at all rather than one that isn't updated as often as it should be?­

The only thing worse than no social media presence – which is pretty bad itself – is a Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc. that is not updated regularly. That said, just because you didn’t create a Facebook page doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist for you. Pages can be created for a number of reasons, such as if someone tries to “check in” to your location on Facebook and you don’t have a page. I’m going to pick on the marina down the road from our cabin here, Birch Point Marine (sorry, guys).

Here’s their Facebook page, just waiting to be claimed. If I look for them on Facebook, this is what I’ll find. Not an attractive picture to put out there.

Pop on over to Facebook and look for your business. If a page does exist, you can go through a process to claim it. Just click on the settings on the top right as I’ve shown in the screen shot here and select “Is this your business?” to get started.

For more on social media, be sure to check out our archived webinars at and keep an eye out for our May issue, chock full of social media tips and tools.


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