Facebook’s new Newsfeed creates need for media


Brent Renneke, Managing Editor
March 14, 2013
Filed under Brent Renneke

Facebook has announced a number of changes of late, and the latest is a retooling of the Newsfeed, which includes making it more visual and adding customizability.

Users will now be able to toggle between seeing different interests. Music fans can go to the specific feed and see news based on the music they like. With the “Following” feed, posts by people and brands followed by the user are displayed in chronological order. And perhaps most worrisome to your business, the “All Friends” feed only shows content from friends, not brand content.

Many see the “All Friends” feed as a killer to your organic reach, or the number of people that see your content. It is a possibility, as many users may simply live on the feed, ignoring news from their liked brands.

The Newsfeed revamp will also feature pictures and video much more prominently, which is where you can take advantage of the changes. Posts with pictures are much larger than those without, as you can see here.

And luckily for us, boating is a beautiful activity. See a boat on the water with the beautiful natural landscape behind it, and it is hard not to be engaged. It will be even more important to leverage photogenic examples like this in your posts.

As followers can more easily opt out of seeing your posts, it will be imperative to make it harder for your fans to miss the ones they do come across.


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