Talented need not apply


Brent Renneke, Managing Editor
February 1, 2013
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If you attended the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo either of the past two years, you may have seen a seminar ran by Neal Harrell, president of Brooks Marine Group and an expert in trades hiring.

One of Harrell’s main points is the importance of a good job description and having one that sells the job to the applicant, not simply laying out responsibilities and qualifications.

In a recent Bloomberg BusinessWeek article, author Liz Ryan agreed and said the result of a bland description is often the hiring of the most compliant, rather than most talented.

Job descriptions that list only requirements without mentioning the mission of the position and the company fails to motivate the talented. And the arduous, strung-out process that typically comes in applying often leaves you with someone who is docile and compliant – but not the up-and-comer with potential, according to Ryan.

No matter the role or the company, the hiring process may be dictating the level of applicants you are receiving. Job descriptions that come off as authoritative may not be appealing to the gifted individual who is looking to make an impact.

Especially in the marine industry where trades talent seems scarce, it is important to sell both the role and the company. The best applicants want to be influential within your company, which is difficult if they perceive you as a dictatorship with bureaucratic processes.


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