Will Facebook’s Graph Search become a new Google?


Brent Renneke, Managing Editor
January 18, 2013
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On Wednesday, Facebook announced its newest addition called Graph Search, which allows you to search for people, places and things in both your own social network and all of Facebook. For example, one could search for “people who like cycling and are in Seattle,” and profiles of those who cycle in Seattle then show up, dependent on their privacy settings.

For small businesses, Graph Search is a great opportunity for people to find you outside of Google.

As referred to in this AllFacebook blog by Justin Lafferty, Search combines the recommendation power of Yelp with Facebook’s endless social network.

For example, a Miami resident wants to buy a boat so he searches for boat dealers in the city. The results will bring up dealerships most popular by area Facebook users, including his own local social network.

Facebook’s newest development makes it exponentially more important to invest in your Facebook page, including making a more concerted emphasis to get your customers to “like” your page. Encouraging more interaction on your page will also help your visibility in Graph Search.

Luckily, moving to the top of Facebook’s search results may prove easier than moving up on Google. Your visibility all comes down to growing your Facebook fan base.

Each person can choose their level of visibility in Graph Search via their privacy settings. However, Graph Search may still be a great way to recruit a new employee. Being able to search for people who work in boating in your hometown may unveil a number of possible recruits.

Graph Search is still in beta mode and was released to a limited number of Facebook users. Once all the kinks are worked out it will be usable by all. I recommend getting a plan in place as soon as possible to make sure your dealership is at the top. For starters, that means making your address, contact information and website URL are correct.

To learn more about Graph Search from Facebook, click here.


One Response to “Will Facebook’s Graph Search become a new Google?”

  1. Josh Chiles on January 18th, 2013 11:21 am

    Brent, you're absolutely right! Google Search will still have its own benefits but Facebook's Graph Search (Social Search) will improve a users search for things they care about - and more importantly, what their friends think. Having a Facebook (and overall social media) strategy is steadily growing as a must.

    If a dealers Facebook page is not optimized AND engaging, Graph Search will only help their competitors - who's Facebook page IS optimized, growing and engaging.


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