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Brent Renneke, Managing Edtior
December 21, 2012
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It is no secret that the tablet is having an increasingly popular presence in the marine world, whether it is by your customers or by yourself. And with that, Boating Industry decided to increase its focus on the subject – both in the upcoming January issue of the magazine, as well as in our online App Directory, which can be found on the top navigation bar of our homepage.

Here I choose to talk about the latter. The App Directory was created as an extension of an app directory you will find in the January issue. It not only features more apps, but also provides links for you to download them.

Every featured app has the potential to boost your productivity by making the many of the previously non-digital tasks easier. One popular example of that is with Evernote, an app designed to help you remember literally everything.

As is the case with most principals, inspiration to improve your business can come from many different experiences in life. Evernote allows you to log each idea, experience, memo and virtually everything else digitally, all of which is shared with your different technological platforms (computer, tablet, phone).

But you don't just have to take my word for it. Harvard Business Review’s Alexandra Samuel wrote both an ebook and an article on the app.

In it, Samuel outlines how Evernote can be a handy companion in logging every facet of your life, like noting major projects, gathering news clippings about your business, photos, personal reviews of restaurants and much more. Check it out and see if you can utilize the app in similar ways.

For the App Directory, let us know below if there is an app we missed that should be included or email me at We will be adding to the list as we come across apps we feel would be of value to you.


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