Weighing performance versus company culture


Brent Renneke, Associate Editor
October 23, 2012
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I recently came across a blog on Harvard Business Review that examines the benefits of an employee that delivers results, but does so in a way that negatively impacts company culture.

Author Eric Sinoway speaks of an employee who positively contributed to the bottom line; however, he often alienated coworkers in the process of doing so by dismissing their opinions in favor of his own strategy.

Sinoway came to the conclusion that he would have to fire the employee, which he termed a “Vampire,” or someone who performs well but does so in a way that affects the company culture. This issue is exacerbated when the employee, or vampire, gains followers in your workplace.

This is an issue many marine dealers have come across in their own operations: The technician, for example, who posts great efficiency scores, but lacks the team attitude often vital in a service department.

Sticking with service, I recently spoke with a number of dealership managers about hiring technicians. It became quickly apparent that teamwork and communication skills were just as important as an applicant’s technical aptitude.

One dealer that that put a concerted focus on finding employees who can contribute to company culture was South Shore Marine. The Huron, Ohio dealership posts its company values on its website and ask all applicants to review all 10 values before continuing with the hiring process.

“We ask them to go to the website and get back to us on how they feel about those [values],” owner Tom Mack said. “The more we can define to them who we are up front the better chance we have of finding the right match.”

It may be tempting to hire someone solely based on his or her experience and technical know-how, but as Sinoway points out, such skills cannot come at the cost of your company’s culture.


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  1. mermaid co on October 30th, 2012 6:01 am

    very enlightening article !!


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