Measuring online campaigns beyond ad clicks


Brent Renneke, Associate Editor
October 5, 2012
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As more companies move their traditional advertising campaigns to the digital world, the word “click” will become all too familiar as the end all in your advertisement’s success.

Associated most prominently with Google, the click measures the effectiveness of online ads by the number of times the ad is clicked on. However, as reported in this Reuters story, Facebook argues it is not telling the whole story.

Facebook said for people advertising a brand, effectiveness cannot be determined by a click, but rather by the number of times someone is exposed to an ad and its brand. In the article, Facebook said it teamed up with a data-mining firm to determine the number of ad impressions, or the “sweet spot,” to run a successful campaign.

Facebook’s position that seeing an ad but not clicking on it is equally effective is an interesting one for the marine industry as well.

For example, Joe Smith is searching on Google or checking Facebook and comes across and ad for a boat builder. He is not actively searching for a boat at the moment, but he thinks the purchase is in his future. Smith may not click on the ad at that moment, but I would guess a number of similar impressions would leave a mark for when he is doing his research.

And the same can be said for a dealership. When Smith begins to actively research the boat that is for him, your dealership may be on the top of his mind because he was exposed to your ad. He may research you to see if you check out with reviews, and if you do, you gained a customer. And not a single ad click was made.

That being said, it will be interesting to see what Facebook and research partner Datalogix determine on the effectiveness of impressions in ad campaigns. The results may affect how you view your present or future digital campaign.


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